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With the thought of creating effective, efficient and economical solutions using technologies for the betterment of the community, Axzora was established by Harish Padiyar and Rani Parihaar - the Managing Directors of our company. The company caters to services in the following two domains which include Axzora - IT and Axzora - Education.

While our vision and purpose is to solve the problems in the new era of the fourth industrial revolution, we have always believed in investing wisely in time, technology and talent that surrounds us. While incorporating this vision in reality, the company faced the hurdle of Covid-19 pandemic. But, it is during the pandemic that the company observed that people had lost their jobs, their needs were required to be attended to and, in order to solve these issues Axzora- Just Fix It! a Home Service came into existence. This is an on-demand service platform which enables users to connect and book any of their preferred services. This service has been created with an aim to promote local professionals and provide them a platform which helps them to boost their business while adapting the modern way of marketing which offers better customer reach.

The aim of our company has never been one of profit making but to work for the betterment of the people and with this thought in our mind, Axzora has also started with an education consultancy for online as well as abroad education. We provide you with all the required help right from university admission and application guidance, student visa guidance, pre-departure guidance, accommodation services and aftercare service as well.

Hence, through our digital platforms we strive towards the growth and betterment of our community for a digitized and a glorious sustainable future.

What we are good at?

Website Designing and Development

The preeminent thing that can draw your customers is how stunning your website looks. Website Designing being our forte, we deliver the best attainable layout in tune with the objective audience.

Digital Marketing

From concept to development, Axzora traverses the entire app development cycle, no matter how diverse or complex your needs are. We make sure your App is always up, running and seeming pristine.

Application Designing and Development

We concentrate on establishing a remarkably prominent social media presence by producing algorithm friendly persuasive and appealing content that connects with the audience spontaneously.

Message from MD

All industries have seen rapid changes in the business environment, mainly driven by digitalization, for few it was easy and others are working their way out. AXZORA(R) Group will continue to strive to scale greater heights in order to deliver consistent growth under the changing environment. We will focus efforts on growing our business, earning society’s trust and ensuring employee satisfaction.

To grow our business, we will increase productivity of existing businesses as well as diversify our offerings. We will also work to ensure the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our clients are met, by expanding the scope of our business from offerings to market penetration. As we actively pursue new areas of business, we remain committed to our enduring mission to enrich society through our expertise. We will continue to study the local requirements and customize products and services to meet them.

We believe that helping to create a sustainable world through our business will lead to further business growth. By taking advantage of our collective expertise and strengths, we will foray into new ventures.

Earning the trust of our clients and all stakeholders is vital. In 2018, we established the AXZORA services to give a platform for the skilled youth of our society to reach their customer base. The platform is fully operational and we see overwhelming response from both sides – the customers and service providers.

A critical part of my vision for the Group is making sure that our people are happy and excited about what they do, and that we build a company that family and friends can be proud of.

We will leave no stone unturned to make sure every opportunity to delight our customers with new offerings and supporting the community is missed. We will look forward to your support and know that we are always listening.

Strategic Branding and Business Development

We primarily formulate strategies that can boost the business as well as achieve the specified targets. We follow specific frameworks/ processes to comprehend one's requirements and subsequently render a sustainable plan.

Graphic Designing

We work on the interpretation, ordering and presentation of the visual product. We essentially transform a linguistic message into a graphic manifestation. We broadly operate in design fields like Interface design, User Experience design, Experiential Graphic design and several others.

Content Creation

We possess an accomplished team of content specialists who are steadily on the quest for generating engaging content. These professionals are always acquainted with the latest industry updates linked with vital data to present the best possible content sequentially curated as per the client's requirements.

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