7 life changing lessons to learn from Mahatma Gandhiji

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”- Mahatma Gandhi. 

A great leader, a compassionate human, an exemplary visionary, an inspiration! One will fall short of words to describe Mahatma Gandhi. He said you can shock the world in a peaceful way, and that’s exactly what he did. With his techniques and ideals, he shook the world and stayed faithful to his principles. 

October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanti, is also celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence. This is to spread the idea of non-violence through education and other public awareness activities. His teachings have influenced society. 

This Gandhi Jayanti, let’s take a look at seven things that all of us should learn from Mahatma Gandhi. 

1. ‘Satyamev Jayate’ or ‘Truth always triumphs’ 

Truth, or “Satya,” is a principle and a practice that Mahatma Gandhi promoted widely. Truth and courage went hand in hand for him. If there is truth, there is no need for someone to be afraid or cowardly. Truth may seem challenging at a particular moment of time, but a lie can stain a person for life. This is the greatest of the lessons one can learn from Mahatma Gandhi. 

2. Be the change you want to see in the world 

Nothing is easier than blaming others for one’s misfortune, Gandhiji stated that, and it does not serve one well at the end of the day. He was of the belief that in order to change the world, one must first change himself/herself. Rather than blaming someone for some misfortune, it is never useful. One must do what he or she can at his or her level to make the world a better place to live. 

3. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body 

Gandhiji always emphasized the significance of maintaining a healthy body. Good health is the real wealth which cannot be bought.

4. Be humble 

Another key lesson that one must teach themselves is how to stay humble. Gandhiji said that one’s tomorrow can never be guaranteed. A person may be at the pinnacle of his accomplishment today, but tomorrow he may take a massive tumble. If a person remains humble while at the top, he must treat everyone below him with respect and charity, because it only takes one minor mistake from a human being to find himself among or below those who were formerly beneath him. 

5. Do the right thing even if nobody is watching 

Another valuable quality which one must imbibe from Gandhiji is to maintain doing the right thing even when the consequences aren’t favorable. 

It is important to initiate the process and keep working on that and one day when the time is right, it will bore the sweetest fruit. 

6. Self Belief 

Gandhiji believed that a person who believes in himself has the power to conquer the world. He stated that there will be moments when an individual is left alone owing to a lack of belief from others, but if the individual decides to continue on the path without losing faith in himself, success cannot be far away. 

He believed that a person must hold on to his/her self belief even though the entire universe mock, ignore and fight him/her. 

7. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind 

This idea has inspired many people around the world, and it continues to be the driving force behind non-violence. 

Today, we suffer from anger fits and other frailties. It is a cause for a number of social problems like bullying, abuse and road rage leading to numerous crimes, which are followed by years of regret. 

We fail to recognize that rage and hatred will never help us attain our goals. They’ve always had poor results. 

If everyone follows the golden rules mentioned above, the day is not far away when each one of us will attain glory! 

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  1. Savio Fernandes

    a Very good initiative. We always knew Gandhiji and his teaching, but this was a refreshing lesson.
    An eye opener to today’s world, and how to react to the happenings around us.

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