Elocution Competition

Dr. Kalam has exquisitely put it by saying, “Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success”. 

We, at Axzora, not only believe in Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s ideals, we strive to abide by them. 

Axzora – just fix it in association with GOA EVENTS, in a tribute to the missile man of the nation and to celebrate the legacy of a massive statesman, brings before you an elite All Goa Elocution contest. Commencing on 15th October’21, Dr Kalam’s birth anniversary, the competition intends to draw the best out of the nation’s future leaders and reward them for the same. 

Elocution is the skill of lucid and eloquent expression, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation. Dr Kalam himself was an astonishing orator and steadily stressed the importance of proactive expression of thoughts for the prosperity of oneself and the nation altogether. He did wholeheartedly appreciate the fact that all of us do not have equal talent. But, Dr Kalam, on the brighter side, assured us that all of us have an even opportunity to develop our abilities and further build on the greater possibilities that follow. Learning never ceases, and nor should we let it hit The End. 

For the elocution, the topics comprise: 

1) Life & Works of Dr Kalam. 

2) Dr. A P J Kalam: An inspiration. 

3) India envisioned by Dr Kalam. 

All budding artists belonging to the 8-14 age group are eligible to participate, thrive and compete in a competition where cumulative rewards worth more than Rs. 25K (1st prize – Rs. 10K, 2nd prize – Rs. 8K, 3rd  prize – Rs. 5K) are up for grabs. The genuineness and creativity of thoughts are what matter, and language is unquestionably not a limit. Participants are free to send their submissions in either English/Hindi/Marathi/Konkani in not more than 7 minutes. 

In the bold words of Dr Kalam, Small aim is a crime; and we must have a great aim. Therefore, in this contest, we resolved to empower and enable all participants to go beyond the traditional narration style. The secret ingredient to winning is an enhanced focus on the expression of their very own thoughts. Clarity of Speech, Content, Voice modulation, Costume and Confidence each hold 10 points in the judging criteria. 

The judges’ panel comprises of -   

  1. Sameer Kapadi 
  1. Maria Alysia C Gomes 
  1. Presley Fernandes 
  1. Sonali Karapurkar 
  1. Sona V. Suchak 

The protocol to be followed to participate is reasonably simplified and includes the following: 

1) Send your Name and a soft copy of your birth certificate on WhatsApp number 9028416709 to register your entry. 

2) Make a video while speaking on the given topic and send it to the following WhatsApp numbers(9028416709/ 9028552390). 

Apart from the standard awards that will be assessed by a panel of distinguished specialists, Axzora has also envisioned a viewer’s choice award. For this, the video submission of each participant will be put up on our social media account, YouTube (Channel name – Axzora). Contestants can share their videos on social media to achieve maximum likes and comments and thus stand a chance to win. The use of any unfair means will lead to direct disqualification of candidature. 

The results will be declared on our Instagram and Facebook accounts on the occasion of Children’s Day on 14th November’21. Dr Kalam’s teachings are relevant in every phase of life and are accurate for this competition too. Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit. So, keep participating, keep learning and keep growing! 

Dr Kalam did sum it up for all of us by saying: “Dream, dream, dream. Dreams transform into thoughts, and thoughts result in action”. 

Here’s wishing all the participants the Best of luck from all of us here at Axzora

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